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Marcus Diemar's epic Merritt BMX edit

Our BMX SkatePro team rider Marcus Diemar has just released his new edit for Merritt BMX and it’s crazy. We had a talk with Marcus about the edit and about how it is to be sponsored by one of the sickest street BMX brands in the world, Merritt BMX.

The Tycho Brahe Planetarium, Copenhagen, Denmark. A young man in a grey t-shirt, black pants, and white shoes is charging towards a massive staircase. He jumps out from the stairs and forces his blue BMX bike to do a 360 stair drop.

This is just one of the many sick parts in Marcus Diemar’s new edit, which is filmed in and around Copenhagen in just under three months!

“I normally use a whole season to film an edit, but the deadline was June. I was so stoked that Merritt asked me to do an edit for them, so I was ready to give it all I got in order to make it in time. Fortunately, my good friend and camera guy Lito Abarca was up for the task, so we did it in record time”, says Marcus.

Planning is the key

Even though the time schedule was tight Marcus had big plans for his new edit.

Photo: Anjuna Hartmann

“I know every single spot in this town and I wanted to use them all in my edit so people around the world can see what we can offer BMXers in Copenhagen. I want it to be a sort of guide where people watch my guide and get inspired to ride the same spots”, says Marcus.

So the premise was set but how do you make an edit with a vision like that in so little time. To Marcus the plan was simple.

“I rode to all the spots that I wanted in my edit. When I was at the specific place, I imagined what trick I wanted to do there, then I wrote it down in a note on my phone. I also looked at all the pro rider videos that feature spots in Copenhagen from the last few years, so I didn’t end up filming the same trick at the same spot".

A hard days work

Even though the filming of this edit might sound like a walk in the park, Marcus points out that there were many times when he and his bike had a hard time locking in the bangers he wanted to do.

“There were times where I needed to do it over and over again to land the trick clean. I’m not the big rail rider, so doing a 50/50 pegs to 180 was hard for me. There’s also a clip in the video where I wanted to do a 360 off a 3 stair set, which I was very nervous about because last time I did that I knocked out both my front teeth”, he says and continues,

“When you’ve tried 200 times and didn't pull it off you feel like giving up, but Lito, which is not only my good friend but also a beast when it comes to filming edits, keeps pushing me and that motivates me so much”.

The Merritt family

Marcus is not only delivering an edit for Merritt. The 22-year-old rider is also getting sponsored by the NY based BMX brand.

Photo: Anjuna Hartmann

“I’m stoked about this whole thing. I’m being sponsored by Merritt - I mean that’s crazy. I’ve been a big fan of Merritt for years and ridden a lot of their parts like Merritt Foster ft1 20" tires and Merritt Sl1 Pivotal BMX seat, so to be a part of it, wow, That really means the world to me”, he says and continues:

"There’s just such a positive vibe towards Merritt among people in the community and you can see that it gives a certain respect when you tell folks that you ride for Merritt. But being a part of the team has also led to some great friendships. My two good friends and fellow Merritt riders Billy Perry and Austin Mazur come from the US to visit me, which would probably never had happened if I didn't get sponsored by Merritt”, says Marcus.

Photo: Anjuna Hartmann

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