Skateboarders around the world, unite!

On the 21st of June, the sound of skateboard wheels and ollies will be echoing on the streets of every city. Why? It's Go Skateboarding day - a celebration of freedom, unity, and simply, love for the skate!

In the beginning was the skateboard

Go Skateboarding day became the official holiday of skaters around the world in 2004. The IASC (International Association of Skateboard Companies) 'kick-flipped' the idea of praising the Holy Skate and thought of a way to make the sport more accessible for everyone.

What started in several towns in the unofficial capital of skateboarding, South California, turned into a worldwide celebration day for young people to go out, enjoy the magic, and share their passion for skateboarding.

What it all comes down to

The idea - to keep the freedom and rebel spirit of skateboarding, have fun and just skate. And to match this there are no set rules or traditions, just go out, hang out together, parade, protest, compete. Everything will do as long as it is about skateboarding.

In the different cities skaters, retailers, distributors, and brands organize events, fundraisers, contests, demos and whatever pops into your mind. You can just grab your crew and skate together. If you need some inspiration or ideas about where to go for the day, check out #goskateday on Instagram. So what are you doing this June, 21st? Whatever it is, just Go Skateboarding!

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