Get better at skateboarding - try a skimboard

Want to boost up your skill level on the skate? We have a suggestion: try skimboarding. Skimming makes practicing your tricks way easier and less painful. Plus, it is perfect for this season!

Have you ever thought to yourself, 'If only there was a way to nail that trick without it hurting so bad?'. Well, you can! With action sports evolving more and more, you can use different methods to improve your own skills. One of those methods is transferring your knowledge into a similar sport.

The perfect match - skateboarding and skimboarding

If you are skateboarding, a skimboard can do a lot for you to up your game, especially flatland skimboarding which focusses on tricks rather than wave surfing.

A skimboard is not attached to your feet which makes the feel of the board and the way of riding very similar to skateboarding. You control the board and balance in the same position and with the same part of your foot.

The advantages of the skim to the skate

One of the biggest advantages of skimboarding is that you do it in water. Basically, you can do it even on rainy days since, well, you are getting wet anyway. We know that skateboarding outside when it is wet is not very 'healthy' for your bearings and trucks.

Skimboarding, however, actually requires water, so whether the sun is out or it's a gloomy, rainy day, you can get out and practice.

Many of the tricks you want to nail on your skate can also be done on a skimboard. Some of the best ones to do so are a classical shove it, a 360, and a big spin shove it. Also, if you want to practice getting some air time with kickers or try rails, skimboarding is a perfect starting point.

Less pain, yes gain!

And talking about tricks, we all know they crave commitment, and this commitment often means pain. Anyone who skateboards knows that landing a trick is a result of many times actually not landing it. And yes, it hurts, especially on concrete, stairs, and metal rails.

The fear of getting hurt can stop your progression and limit your commitment. It is logical that if you remove the factor that provokes this fear, you are more likely to commit and succeed with this trick.

This is where skimboarding really can help you grow in skating as well. Since you skim on water and sand, the amount of pain and injuries is way less while you can still practice the same tricks as on concrete.

Especially if you are just starting to go on obstacles, kickers, rails etc, you can get more air-time awareness and balance on the skim which you can later transfer on your skateboard. All this nicely wrapped in fewer bruises and road rashes.

Tempted?! Try it out, it is worth it and you can only benefit! Check out our stock of flatland DB skimboards, rise up to the challenge, and get better!

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