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Welcome to our first wakeboard pro rider!

Since SkatePro has entered the deep blue waters, we also have to do this properly. The best way - with a pro wakeboard team rider! And not just anybody, but the Danish Champion for 2017, Viktor Bøndergaard.

Already at the age of 11, Viktor was starting to land some big tricks and moved towards the top wakeboarders in Denmark. But what made him pick wakeboarding?

"It’s the speed and the adrenaline. You need to react fast! If you don’t react fast, you are going to get punished. And then, of course, the community, a lot of my friends are also wakeboarding, so when we’re there we hang out", says Viktor.

Nothing is impossible

Watching him hit the kickers at the cable park in Herning, Denmark we definitely understand what it means to react fast and be fully aware (we tried it ourselves, and trust us, it didn't go as easy as we thought it would do).

"Well, if you practice every single day, nothing is impossible. When it’s winter and you cannot go on the water you practice at home with a line and watch a lot of wakeboarding videos", Viktor explains when we asked how is it possible that he went from "zero to hero" in such a short time.

He can be trusted with that because when he puts on his Ronix Kinetik Project Flexbox 1 wakeboard, he most certainly demonstrates how it's all done. And this is not the first time when he literally shows everyone where devotion and passion can get you.

"I had so many great experiences wakeboarding but the best has to be when I won the Danish Championship. Another big thing is when I landed a backside 720, because I am the first of the juniors, who I am competing with, to land it", says Viktor when we got curious which is his biggest shine moment (because what he is pulling out right now seems like magic).

How to?

So what are his tips for everyone out there who want to get into wakeboarding or want to get better and better?

"Well, get out there on a wakeboard, don't be afraid. Another important thing is to start talking to the people in the water park. When you got some friends and become a part of the community, it gets a lot more fun", he says and continues:

"Remember, don’t hesitate to ask those who are more experienced for help if you can’t lock a trick in, or having trouble. They will almost always be willing to help! And, of course, participate in all the competitions you can get in. It will give you more experience and make you less nervous in the long run".

The present, the future, and the dreams

For closing words, we asked him what are his own dreams. What would he do if he didn't have to worry about school, duties, money etc.? Where would he go and why?

"I would go to Thailand or the Philippines to ride in one of the cable tracks they have there, and I would travel to all the competitions around the world without having to think about money".

Now, this is what we call devotion and love for the sport! For Viktor, wakeboarding is not just a hobby. It is his life, his future, and his dream - absolutely everything. We are so happy and inspired to have him on the SkatePro team so...big welcome, Viktor!

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