When skateboarding lifts you off the ground: Bam Margera

We tend to associate skateboarding with plenty of falls, road rashes, and injuries. And yes, it is part of the deal but on a deeper level, somewhere beyond the physical, skateboarding can be the thing lifting you up. Ex-pro skater Bam Margera is one of the perfect examples of this.

Brandon Cole Margera a.k.a. Bam Margera is one of those skaters that will remain in the history of skateboarding forever. He got noticed after a series of self-produced videos in the '90s, later resulting in major sponsorships by brands like Element, Volcom, Globe etc. You also know him from the popular MTV shows like Jackass and Viva La Bam.

It all looks like a perfect life and career for a pro skater, but Margera had his downs as well. Painful injuries and drinking problems took him and led to him retiring from skateboarding.

"I don't want to appear anywhere, I don't like my appearance." , says Bam in a video about his come-back.

After a few years off the skateboard and a whole year in Europe, trying to get fit and sober, Bam got back on his feet thanks to his love for skateboarding and renewed his partnership with Element. The brand released several signature decks with Bam's name on them celebrating the passion for skateboarding and Element's 25th anniversary.

We are lucky to have some of those decks in the house so be quick and grab your Bam Margera Element deck. See where skateboarding can take you!

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