Crazy colors: Get your scooter ready for the summer

Check out these three easy ways to add some color to your scooter and get the sickest ride in the park.

It’s summer, and this can only mean: Warm weather, long sunny days and a lot of sweet sessions.

This is also the perfect occasion to upgrade your scooter and add some attitude with some sweet looking parts. Here are some of our favorite fresh looking color parts for 2018.

Apex Pro Scooter deck: A modern classic

With one of the Apex Pro Scooter decks from Australian Apex, you’re ready to ride all summer long. This first-class deck is designed to give you the best durability, performance, and control possible - and like that wasn’t enough, this deck comes in all the colors of the rainbow.

The guys from Apex have spent 3 years on the development of the Pro Scooter Deck. The idea behind the design was to take the demand and experiences of their riders and transfer it into a new and groundbreaking deck.

The deck features rails for stable grinding, flat sides for finger whips and extra foot space, (thanks to the headtube design). Furthermore, Apex deck comes with a rounded heat treated flex brake and innovative screwed-in deck spacers.

Figz Collection: Support your favorite rider with style

Wave goodbye to the old black boring grip tape with the Figz Collection. This rider owned company lets you support your favorite rider through their sweet looking stickers and grip tape.

Each of the 19 riders has their very own unique grip tape and sticker design and if you can't decide which of your favorite stunt scooter athletes you should put on your deck, well, then the squad grip tape might be the thing for you.

We just received five new awesome looking grip tape designs of Dakota Schuetz, Jonmarco Gaydos, Ryan Williams and Claudius Vertesi. All of them are available in the XL size, which has a better fit for wide and longe box cutter scooter decks.

Like the rest of the Figz collection, these sheets of grip tape are produced with "Strongbond" glue which will make it stick secure and tight to your scooter deck.

Lucky Lunar: Sweet wheels

Add a serious amount of personality to your setup with these wheels from Lucky. Choose from a wide range of graphics all the way from flowers and Japanese art to graffiti and much more. These wheels also come with colored urethane - A sure winner when it comes to showing some attitude and catch everybody's attention when you’re out riding.

The Lucky Lunar wheels are not only looking great, they’re also delivering an epic performance. These wheels will provide you with the speed, grip and balance that you need to take it to the to next level, all thanks to the Lucky Rebound Technology™,

Thanks to the hollow core construction, you get a super light but durable wheel. In fact, the Lucky Lunar wheels are the lightest wheels from Lucky. So whether you're looking for a light set of wheels for your park or street setup, the Lucky Lunar’s got you covered.

Complete scooter color splash

Maybe you’re not only on the hunt for parts but for an entirely new ride to spend your summer on? Well great news, because the scooters from Longway will get you riding with style when it comes to fashion, color, and performance.

The Longway Metro V2 comes in four different sick looking color variations, all of them are guaranteed to get you some attention in the skatepark or on the street. You might not know Longway by name, but before launching their series of scooters, the Longway company have produced scooters for some of the major brands in the scooter business such as District.

This ride comes with a squared deck which makes it great for grinding, but with its round edges, it’s still great for making finger whips and alike. Last up, the Longway Metro V2 is equipped with blunt plates, which makes it easier to make Nose Blunts and Blunt Slides.

Want more? Check out our huge range of complete scooters and parts here.

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