Enderson Gamez: FISE is a world class event

A few days from now, SkatePro BMX freestyle rider Enderson Gamez is going to attend one of Europe’s biggest action sports events - the FISE Montpellier. We had a talk with him about the event and how it is to ride with the world’s best.

Right now it’s the workers that dominate the skate park areas by the riverside of Le Lez in Montpellier. But next Wednesday more than 2700 athletes, spread across seven different actions sports, will compete in the 21st edition of the FISE (Festival International des Sports Extrêmes).

One of the BMX riders to attend this year's UCI Freestyle Park World Cup competition is Enderson Garmez from our SkatePro BMX freestyle team. He’s been at FISE before where he finished second in the amateur category. But this time he’s attending the Pro division, something that he’s looking forward to.

I went to FISE for the first time in 2012 and got a silver medal in the amateur competition. After some years of hard training, I’ve decided to measure myself, this time with the best in the world. I want to show my skills and what I am made of!”, says Enderson.

Competing with the world’s best

So taking the leap from the amateur ranks to the pro competition has been a natural progression for Enderson, but what are his expectations?

“I want to be able to perform my best and to be able to position myself in the best possible way in the qualification and later in the ranking table. I feel great pride in representing my country (Portugal) and the SkatePro team, so it’s important for me to perform my best”, he says.

Enderson is going to compete with some of the best freestyle BMXers in the world, but how is it to ride with some of the best riders in the world?

“It is an incredible experience. You get so psyched, just full of energy and adrenaline! It’s great to be able to share our common passion, and I get to see so many professional riders live. It motivates me and inspires me to continue in BMX”, he says.

A true fan favorite

FISE is a very popular event and doing the five days it lasts, more than 500.000 people are flocking to see the riders, bladers, and skaters that competing in one of the 25 competitions that take place at FISE.

With its huge crowd, the event is by far the most popular extreme sports event in France and also one of the most well-attended events in Europe. But how do the many spectators affect Enderson?

“The crowd is amazing, they always support you and cheer for you. As a rider, I really feel that I connect with them. An event like this allows me to demonstrate my skills, but also gives me the possibility to do what I love in front of thousands of people that enjoy it as much as you. The adrenaline in those moments is incomparable!”.

All about sharing our passion

Throughout FISE all the riders and skaters are competing against each other. Enderson points out that an event like this is not only about winning, but also about sharing and getting inspired.

“We’re all here for the love of the sport. It’s all about perseverance, passion, discipline and sacrifice, and in the end, this unites us as a great family. The experiences are unforgettable, and you grow as a rider”, he says.

Speaking of family, there will be several SkatePro team riders attending the Fise Montpellier this year. One of them is freestyle BMX rider Inuk Siegstad, who will be participating in the BMX freestyle amateur competition, and Enderson are looking forward to spending some time with his fellow SkatePro team rider from another country.

“It will be a great experience! Inuk is a part of the SkatePro team, and I think he has a lot of talent. Knowing that we will both be representing our team together really makes me feel more secure and supported” says Enderson.

FISE Montpellier will take place from the 9th of May to the 3rd of May. Follow Enderson’s Instagram and Inuk’s Instagram to stay tuned.

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