Caution, parents! A skate park survival guide

With the spring already upon us, it is time to hit the skate parks. And it is amazing to see so many young riders out there, trying the tricks they have been watching on YouTube all winter, dreamed of countless nights, and secretly practiced in the garage. Beautiful!

Some of those tiny grommets are totally new to the skate park and to the 'rules of the jungle'. It is indeed a fun place but at the same time, it can be quite dangerous if the kids and their parents don't know how to act among the flocks of skaters, bikers, scoot riders etc.

That is why, mom, dad, have a look at this video from one of our scoot friends Benjamin Friant to get a quick tutorial on some of the most important rules in the skate park.

Rule no 1 - Attention, please

Probably the most important one, as Benji points out, is to pay attention. Just like on the street, both kids and parents need to pay great attention to the surroundings. It is a good idea to take a few moments to explore and get to know the skate park environment - where who, what, all of it! Simply - be aware, constantly!

Rule no 2 - No 'toddlers' in the park

Generally, if your sweetheart is under 6 years, it is not a good idea to bring him/her to the skate park. And if we are talking small kids, they should always be in the park with a parent.

Rule no 3 - Follow the lines

Another very important point is to follow the lines in the park; that will say the trajectory which a rider will follow back and forth. These are normally parallel so no crossing or zig-zagging in the skate park where those lines are.

Rule no 4 - No chilling on the spots

This brings us to taking a break or chilling for a while. This should not be done on the park spots - else people can get seriously hurt. If there's need for a breather, getting to the benches or the free, grassy areas is the right thing to do.

And remember - NO GOOFING AROUND! Have fun and stay safe and keep your kiddo safe as well! Teach them the 'rules of the skate jungle'.

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