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How to pick your skate wheels

Skating, or blading, is seeing quite a come-back recently. And through time, wheel types have grown in number and evolved a lot. So here is how to pick between the different shapes, sizes and materials.

1. Diameter

On the market, you can see wheels ranging from 55 mm to 125mm. Each size has its advantage and drawbacks. Big wheels can normally give you more speed, comfort and grip, while smaller wheels are preferred when you are seeking control and stability.

Important here is to consider and make sure that the new wheels you are getting are compatible with your frame set up.

2. Profile

Another thing to consider is the shape of the wheels or their profile. Depending on that profile your skates will again serve a different purpose. Flatter wheels are more stable and controllable, while thinner ones provide faster roll.

Note! Do not mix wheels with different profiles since the result will be a skate that is hard to balance and roll straight.

3. Material

Skate wheels are made from urethane and its quality and concentration may vary. That affects whether they are soft or hard, expressed with a number between 75 and 100(110) followed by the letter "A".

The softer the wheel - the lower number and the opposite, harder wheels got a higher number. The quality of the wheel and its material affect significantly the riding experience so it is one of the things you should really pay attention to.

4. Wheel Hub

The hub is your wheels' "rim". Just like with cars, a smaller hub makes the wheel more comfortable and grippy. However, that also means less speed and more weight.

The design of the hub also affects the wheels' performance. A more solid, disk-like hub, means more responsiveness and support for the load but that will also make it more affected by vibrations.

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