Throwback Thursday: new decks, The New Deal, old-school shapes, and rad footage

They say old-school is the best school, and we tend to agree. Especially after the new decks from The New Deal dropped in our shop. Treat yourself with some classic shapes, new tech, and rad video footage.

The sweetest combo

It is always a head-turner when an old-school deck enters the park. And the guys from The New Deal definitely know how to create a show stopper.

The Heat Transfer decks come as a re-issue of the legendary series from The New Deal from way back in the 90s.

We are talking directional, bowl-eating shapes, combined with classic graphics and some new tech construction to spice things up.

The New Deal Heat Transfer decks have also been single-pressed to ensure consistent quality for every single board.

The Epoxy Resin added to the 7-ply Candian maple construction increases the durability, stiffness, and pop of these decks, turning them into the perfect time machines between old-school looks and new-school tech.

Flip tricks like an OG

And just to make things even better than they already are, The New Deal Skateboards released a new ‘old’ DVD collection of skate videos from 1990-1992.

The "useless..." DVD celebrates the good old days with some sick tricks from Ed Templeton, Justin Girard, Rick Ibaseta, and many more legends. You will also be treated with some rare footage and unreleased interviews.

So grab your The New Deal Heat Transfer deck, get inspired and go show them new kids how it’s done!

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