Top 3 ways to keep your BMX bike in top shape 

Have you been riding your bike all summer? Then it's probably time to give your ride some well-deserved love. Find out how right here.

Autumn is here, and this might be a good time to give your bike some well-deserved love to make sure that it's in top shape, so you can perform your best.

Here are 3 easy and cheap ways to make sure that your BMX bike is in prime condition.

1# Grips

Functional grips are crucial for your performance. They make sure that you have the best possible traction with the handlebar.

Worn down grips equals bad traction, which makes simple tricks like bunny hop, manual, and bar spins more difficult to carry out.

You'll get all the grip you need with the Hive SuperStick grips from Stolen. The unique hive pattern design and TaperGrip technology make them sticky. Furthermore, they have a soft feel while being long-lasting.

2# Wheels

Grip is also an issue when it comes to tires. With the Cult X Vans Waffle 20" BMX Tires on your BMX, you get the best possible grip in the streets, the park, or at the dirt jumps.

Vans and Cult transferred the well-known and much-beloved waffle pattern from the sole of the Vans shoe to a BMX tire. The result is a durable and grippy wheel that gives you top control over your bike.

The Cult X Vans Waffle is a fan favorite among riders. Right now, you can choose between a massive range of sweet looking camo colorways.

3# pedals

Pedals help you to maintain your balance and speed. Besides, your feet often leave the pedals when you do tricks. The last thing you want is to slip off due to worn down pedals and damage your shins.

The Odyssey Twisted Plastic Pedals are not only super durable but also ultra-light. The molded pins make sure that you stick your feet every time.

These pedals are a popular choice among both street and park riders. The Odyssey Twisted Plastic Pedals come in a vast range of colors.


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