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The Apex Quantum Lite Fork: Stronger and ligher than ever before

Apex Scooters are making some of the strongest forks out there, and their brand new Quantum Lite Fork is no exception. As the name implies, this one-piece fork is not only super durable but also one of the lightest on the market.

It’s no secret that the guys from Apex Scooters are putting a lot of effort into constantly evolving their parts. The latest addition is the Lite range.

The concept behind the name is simple: Make Apex parts lighter, without compromising on the strength and durability. And judging from the result, they succeeded.

Made to shred

Your scooter fork gets exposed to a lot of stress when you are hitting the ramps. But the Quantum Lite is super durable and ready to take the heat. You get a solid one-piece design with super-strong precision weldings - there are just no weak spots.

The material used for the Quantum Lite is 7075 Aluminum, which is durable, but also lighter than the material used for the old version of the fork.

The Apex Quantum fits up to 125mm wheels, and has a built-in removable starnut, making it perfect for SCS or HIC compression. Choose between 3 sweet looking colorways.


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