Roller skate review: Is this your next pair of quads?

Aggressive quad skating is becoming more and more popular. But which roller skate should you choose? Maybe the Roces Pro 4?! Find out right here in this review.

Are you looking for the perfect roller skate to use in the skate park, on ramps, and for doing tricks in the streets? Then you might want to check out the Roces Pro 4.

Made with the same boot from their iconic M12 aggressive inline skate, the Pro 4 gives you superior support. Add the durable aluminum plate and interchangeable grind-block, and you got a pair of aggressive quad skates born to do smooth grinds.

But how are they to ride in the skatepark? Find out in the review video above, with rollerblading aficionado and YouTuber Ricardo Lino and his wife Janice who have tested the skate.


Click here to get your own pair of Roces Pro 4 roller skates. Find the rest of our selection of quad skates right here.

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