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This is why Pennys rock!

They are small, they are agile and look absolutely cool on the streets. They are Penny boards, and we just got some new looks for you. Check them out and grab them while they are still hot!

Penny is a legendary brand when it comes to getting as close as possible to the original plastic skateboards from the 1970s.

The Aussie brand pays proper tribute in terms of design and delivers modern-day quality. Here’s why you need one in your life.

#1: Quality to the very nut and bolt

Penny is the go-to brand if you want a quality-made plastic cruiser.

With pretty good experience in the industry, the guys from Penny strive for superb quality for each and every board.

Attention is paid not only to keeping the shape and graphics cool enough to sell. No, no! It is a matter of delivering quality boards that can take you anywhere.

That is why the Penny completes come with super good wheels, trucks and hardware.

#2: Practical and fun

Penny boards are probably the most practical commuters. Their smaller size makes them easy to carry around and their lightweight design won’t add too many kilos to your backpack.

The wide wheels make them super stable and the small wheel diameter keeps them agile. This means that you can easily navigate your way through the crowd on a busy street.

#3: Plenty of awesome designs to choose from

Penny always got some sick looks in store for you. Either pitch black, icy see-through blue, or funky, summerly shades - it is all for you to pick from.

Staying true to the original ‘70s shape and design just adds extra coolness points to any Penny on the street.

So with a bit of nostalgia for the very beginnings of skateboarding and some contemporary tech, the Pennys are definitely tiny rockstars. Check them all out in our shop.

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