4 tricks to make you perform your best at an inline marathon

Find out how you prepare best for the BMW Berlin Marathon with our mini marathon guide. Enjoy your experience to its fullest with these easy technique tips and gear hacks.

It goes without saying that you need to get out there on your inline skates in order to be able to skate a marathon. But it’s not only about being in peak fitness condition.

This is how you should roll

The right technique is essential if you want a good inline marathon experience. What better way to fine-tune your skills, with 3 tips from inline speed skating world champion Felix Rijhen.

Skating 42,195 kilometers alone is hard. The solution is to join a pack, which is a group that skates close together. The benefit is that you are sheltered from the wind; this will save a lot of energy.

Find out where to position yourself and how you prepare for skating in a pack in this video.

Clean your inline skates

Clean bearings are important when you are skating a marathon. Dirty bearings will make it harder for you to gain and maintain speed.

If you've been riding all summer, your skates have been exposed to both dust gravel, and moist. The good news is that they are easy to clean, check out this video to see how.

Many marathon aficionados change their bearings to fresh ones just before the race to make sure that they can perform their best. You can find a new pair of bearings right here.

This helmet is so light that it’s almost like riding without one

Helmets are obligatory in the Berlin Marathon, and with the Alk13 Helium V2 on, you will be both safe and comfortable.

The helmet has proper ventilation, and a snug fit to the extra padding that comes with the helmet plus the adjustment strap.

The "in-mold" technology allows this helmet to have a thinner shell construction than other helmets but it protects just as much. This means that the Alk13 Helium V2 only weighs 280 grams!


In need of more gear? Check out our huge selection of inline skates, roller skates, and protection gear right here.

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