NEW ARRIVALS: TRYNYTY's first bars ever + their new wheels and new fork

After years of designing and testing, the new line of parts from the Canadian rider-owned scooter brand TRYNYTY is here with their brand new range of innovative scooter parts.

TRYNYTY is known to be among the leading brands when it comes to fixed foot fenders and pegs. Now they are ready with their new line which features the fast, light and durable Armadillo wheels, the Trident fork, and their first Chromoly and titanium bar.

To learn more about the new line, we talked with Cody Lacroix, co-Founder of TRYNYTY and freestyle scooter rider.

"We are beyond stoked about the new product range. It is an indescribable feeling when riders of all levels are not only riding your products but pushing the limits of the sport with them.”, he says.

A mean-looking fork

One of the new parts that Lloyd is most excited about is the TRYNYTY Trident Fork, which is compatible with 110 & 120 x 24mm wide wheels on an 8mm axle and 125 x 30mm wide wheels on a 12mm axle.

"We kept the shape mean-looking without getting too aggressive with the cut-out. We are not overly fond of parts that look like they're designed with the idea of "how many holes can we can get in this thing.", Cody says and adds:

"We also focused on the length of the fork tube. Some of the new forks coming out are super light, but with a very short fork tube. Decks with a big space between the headset bearings can result in a small amount of tube which can be used for the clamping. That can be problemeatic with SCS or with HIC where a very short shim would be required.

Your first serious pegs

The new Basic Alu Pegs from TRYNYTY are designed towards beginners who have just brought their first serious complete pro scooter to the grind spot of desire.

"We used our knowledge from the Nylatrons and tweaked, modified and tested them on a basic 1-piece aluminum shape until we had an aluminum peg with the best possible quality at a beginner price level," says Cody.

He points out that one of the essential features of the new pegs is that a ratchet can fit inside of them. This means that you'll never have a problem when running two pegs in the front or back if you use M8 bolts.

Fast and durable wheels

Are you on the lookout for a speedy pair of wheels? Then the TRYNYTY Armadillo wheels are a perfect choice.

"We have designed them to be as fast as possible, so we went with the classic 120 x 24mm wheel. To all those who write us, I want to say that we are working on a 30mm wide wheel.", says Cody.

The new wheels are among the only once that have a 7075 aluminium core, which makes them super light, but at the same time very durable.

The first bars ever from TRYNYTY

Among the new parts from TRYNYTY are the brand's first two bars, a Chromoly bar, and a Titanium bar.

"A lot of kids are asking us if we are a park or a street company? Are your wheels street? Do park pegs exist? To a core rider that sounds odd. While some parts might excel better at the park and some in the street, we don't want to limit our products to identify as one or the other.”, says Cody and continues:

"If you want a stronger, slightly heavier bar, the T&T bar is our take on the classic Chromoly T-bar. Our titanium bar is made of high-quality grade material. We took our time to get it tested by both park and street riders and the feedback on the feel and durability surpassed all expectations."


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