3 water sports you need to try ASAP!

If you are looking for an adrenalin shot to fill up the time until winter comes, then you can still go for some cool water action in the fall. Here are three alternatives that you can definitely get on with.

One of the good things about surf sports in the autumn is that the beaches are not as busy and you can really spend some quality time with your beloved gear and progress. So now can be a great time to start.

#1: Wakeboarding

It is super fun, it doesn't require that much gear and with the growing popularity of the sport, wakeboarding cable parks are springing everywhere all the time.

Wakeboarding is a good way to train your tricks and get some air time before the winter. It can really build upon your snowboarding skills and especially the trick part.

Some people feel a bit more safe and comfortable trying new flips while in the water instead of the snow park, so definitely, give it a go.

#2: Skimboarding

The best thing about skimboarding is that you basically need only the board, then it is totally up to your imagination where and when.

It is also a perfect training that warms you up for snowboarding season. You can even use your skimboard during the rainy days when you can't take your skateboard out.

Rainy, autumn weather often means "skateboards are in", and "skimboards are out"! The last just love water!

#3: Kitesurfing

Ok, this is for the more adventurous of you that are really looking for some serious action. The winds are picking up during this season so why not fly a bit high.

It is important though if you are just starting off with kitesurfing, to get a proper instructor since the conditions can be quite shifting during the fall and you don't want to risk being "gone with the wind".

But once you have mastered the kite and can find your way through wind and water, the sensation is absolutely incomparable to anything else and you will surely get addicted.


Need to get some gear? Visit our surf section and find your "weapon of choice". Aloha!

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