3 wetsuits that will surely keep you warm this winter

For some, the surf season is almost over but for others, it is just beginning. If you are chasing the heavy winter swells, you know that a good prep is essential and a comfortable, thick wetsuit is a must.

It is super important to be comfortable and have freedom to move even if the wetsuit has more thickness to it.

That's why we picked three of the highlights for this season that deserve some attention.

O'Neill Hyperfreak - stay warm and flexible

The O'Neill Hyperfreak is one of the absolute favorites this season. The tech that has been put into this wetsuit is simply amazing.

Starting with the Technobutter 3, the material that they use for the body and legs, which is super stretchy, featherlight, and yet extra warm due to the Envy foam rubber core.

Then we move to the arms and shoulder part, where the Technobutter has been developed even more to provide extra comfort and freedom to move.

The pre-stretched Technobutter 3X material gives more flexibility and perfect fit.

The Hyperfreak comes in several thickness variations and in both ladies' and gents' sizes.

O'Neill Epic - for those that prefer back zip

The O'Neill Epic is also a good option if you don't want to go too much high in the price and still get a quality built wetsuit.

It comes with back zip, which often means an easier entry for the water but O'Neill have equipped it with the Blackout system that makes it watertight.

The Epic is a takedown from the Hyperfreak but still incorporates many of the techs that you will find in the higher range wetsuits like GBS Seams, Krypto Knee Padz, and Double Super Seal Neck.

All that provides super watertight, warm, and comfy wetsuit that also comes in female and male design.

Rip Curl Flash-Bomb - on a really cold day

The Rip Curl Flash-Bomb is the perfect option for those cold days. The hooded, chest zip design, combined with 6mm thickness make this wetsuit super warm and insulated.

The E5 Flash lining from Rip Curl provides 25% more stretch and lightweight compared to the previous models of the Flash-Bomb, which means more freedom and more time in the water.


If you want to see the rest of our wetsuit stock, go to our shop and get ready for the winter swell! Aloha!

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