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The Screaming Hand is back: New Santa Cruz decks

Santa Cruz came up with a new look for the Screaming hand on the Monyo series of decks and complete skateboards. As always, you will get some sick graphics and serious pop from Santa.

Street and park rock stars

You can be sure to nail any trick and pop well high with the Monyo decks.

We are talking classic popsicle with medium concave and epoxy resin that really makes that hard rock pop higher and higher.

Of course, the legendary Screaming hand is a show stopper and this time, Santa Cruz has picked a detailed, a bit old-school inspired background for it.

The decks simply look super awesome!

Too lazy to customize, no worries

If you can’t be bothered to build a board, then fear not, you can still get the Monyo Hand as a complete.

You'll still get the 7 plies of Hard Rock maple and epoxy, which guarantees the super pop but with added quality Bullet trucks and Santa Cruz Slimeballs wheels.

So you are ready to rock the streets!


Check all we got from Santa Cruz and get to riding already!

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