3 reasons why you should get a Wave Skater Pro

Do you want a board that can do it all? Then take a look at Wave Skater Pro. The revolutionary boards that these guys make will be a perfect match for anyone and will guarantee loads of fun.

Wave Skater Pro are normally sold as bodyboards but they are much more. Actually, it is even hard for us to define what they are apart from awesome and super fun.

So lets cut the chase and see why you should get one.

#1: They are virtually indestructible

Well, don't go through it with a chain saw but other than that, the guys from Wave Skater Pro give a lifetime warranty against delamination, heat bubbling, and waterlogging.

That means , if you use the board as such, it is literally unbreakable, thanks to the innovative built and molding of the Wave Skater Pro boards.

#2: You can use them for anything

Because of their ultra tough construction, the Wave Skater Pro boards can be used for anything you like.

You can go bodyboarding, surfing, river- or skimboarding, basically, any boarding that comes to your mind (even snow!). It just comes to how creative you are.

#3: Anyone can use them

The compressed EVA/PE foam of the Wave Skater Pro boards makes them very buoyant and the lack of fins - extra maneuverable and fast.

This is the best combo for both beginners who are just starting off with bodyboarding or surfing, and for more experienced riders who want to have some fun and responsive board to play with.


Tempted? Grab them at out webshop and go get some waves! Aloha!

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