Sizzling news from Subrosa

Subrosa is here with a bunch of new 2019 parts. We took a look at two different signature frames and a signature handlebar from two of Subrosa’s team riders, and trust us, you don’t want to miss out.

Unboxing stuff is always awesome, and when it’s something as sick as the fresh parts from Subrosa, things just get a little better.

A mind-blowing frame

Are you looking for a light and sturdy frame to shred the streets? Then Joris Coulomb's OM Signature Frame from Subrosa is everything you need!

The durable and light chromoly frame is reinforced on the top and bottom gussets. Furthermore, it has heat-treated dropouts, which means that you don't have to worry when you land heavy back down.

The S-bend chainstays on the OM frame allow you to ride fat tires, and its geometry makes it perfect for techy street riding and doing big gaps.

A fan-favorite

It's no wonder that Simone Barraco's signature frame, the Subrosa Simo Frame, is a fan-favorite among BMX riders.

The chromoly tubing makes the frame light and robust. Furthermore, the Simo Frame is reinforced in the high-stress areas making it perfect for doing some severe street riding.

The geometry of the frame makes it responsive without feeling too short and twitchy.

A sturdy handlebar

Crazy durable and ultralight, these are the keywords we would use to describe Simone Barraco’s signature handlebar the Subrosa Simo bar.

The deathproof heat-treated, multi-butted, chromoly tubing makes it able to take countless beatings without breaking.


Find the rest of the new parts from Subrosa right here.

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