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Awesome news from Root Industries

Root Industries are here with some awesome news! Check out their first titanium bar, their new deck with the exclusive afterburner colorway, and what may be the sweetest looking wheels of 2019

Unboxing new parts is extra fun when you are handling a bunch of crazy parts such as the new ones from Root. Be sure to check them out right below!

A one of a kind deck

The Lithium Afterburner Deck is made for street riding thanks to its box-cut shape. Its light-weight also makes it useful for shredding the park.

It’s easy to keep your balance when you are doing grinds, due to the deck's 2º concave that provides you with a mild foot lock.

The unique two-color afterburner effect is something that you will only find on Root Industries lithium Afterburner decks.

Lighter than ever before

Every trick will become easier with the new Titanium Air handlebar, which are the first titanium bars from Root.

This bar is not only lighter than aluminum but also more durable than steel - two specs that every rider wants.

The Titanium Air handlebar comes with an oversized 35mm outer diameter and is compatible with HIC and SCS compression.

The sickest wheels of the year?

Wow! That is all we can say about the Root Industries Liberty Wheels. Made in the USA, these 110mm wheels are high-quality!

The hollow-core design makes the wheels light, and at the same time durable. The Liberty Wheels are equipped with Root's fast and super strong PU formula which has been tested by pro-riders before hitting the stores.

The wheels come in a two-pack, complete with bearings, so all you have to do is mount them on your scooter and you are ready to go!


Check out the rest of our Root Industries parts right here.

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