Cody Flom: The WRG could take scootering to the next level

Cody Flom is one of the best scooter riders in the world. We met him at the World Roller Games in Barcelona to talk about the future of scootering, and the importance of being a role model.

Cody Flom is one of the hardest working pro riders out there - constantly traveling around the world, competing in competitions, and pushing the barrier within scooter riding.

The next step for scootering

For the first time ever, the International Scooter Association teamed up with World Skate to host the WS-ISA Scooter World Championship at the World Roller Games, which brought scootering into the biggest action sports event in the world,

When we asked Cody what he thinks about scootering becoming a part of the World Roller Games his answer is clear.

“It's fantastic, honestly, I think it’s the next step to get scootering into events, such as the Olympics and X-games. It also allows us to show the world what scooter riders can do”, he says and adds:

“Working with an organization such as World Skate is a good thing because we had to standardize the parameters on how to judge a rider, and that makes it easier to compare us and place us on the world ranking list.”

It’s important to inspire and show that scootering is more than just big bangers

Being a role model for the young riders is important to Cody because he remembers how his idols inspired him to progress when he started riding at the age of ten.

“I looked up to 3 riders: Brandon Smith, Dylan Morrison, and Dakota Schuetz. I remember that I saw Kota doing a Bri Flip over a spine, the next day I went out and tried to do the same. These guys encouraged me to better myself by showing me that there was a lot of opportunities to better my skills.”, Cody says.

Though Cody went to the World Roller Games to make the podium, he points out that for competitions like this, it is not only about winning.

“This is an amazing platform to reach out to kids and show them that it’s not only about being a talented rider, it’s also really about building character. One thing is to stomp one big banger, but in a competition like this, you are essentially sprinting for a full minute, and that requires fortitude within yourself”, he says.


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