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Pop them balloons from Almost skateboards!

Almost like real ones! The new Balloon Animal deck series from Almost skateboards will bring you some childhood memories and some really good pop.

Balloon animals that will pop but last long

Almost have combined the classic 7-ply Canadian maple construction with some Epoxy Resin glue that results in a strong pop and longer deck life.

It is good to be single

All Almost decks from the Balloon Animal series are single pressed, which means every board comes out with the same shape and concave.

It is a guarantee for the quality of each and every deck that comes out of their factory. The single-press technique, in combo with the Epoxy, makes these Almost decks stronger than the industry standard 7-ply boards.

So you will be able to enjoy your balloon animal for longer than you expect.

Let’s not forget the looks

Come on, you can’t deny that these are some of the coolest graphics and when you see names like Rodney Mullen and Youness Amrani next to them, it gets only better.

We are talking fresh and simple colorways, sweet and cheeky balloon characters, and loads of funky attitude.

If you want to see more from Almost, check our stock, we got more!

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