Is this the BMX edit of the summer?

Devon Smillie is on fire in his brand new Éclat edit. Find out which Éclat parts he rides, and check out, what might be "the edit of the summer" right here.

He is doing things with a BMX bike that no other rider can do. With a crazy amount of technical tricks and long manual lines (including fakies), Devon, once again, shows us that he is the lord of bike control and freecoasting streeze!

Ride like Devon

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Don’t we all want a solid street setup like the one that Devon rides in the edit? So, of course, we wrote the guys at Éclat to hear a little more about which parts he uses.

It turns out that Devon rides the Eclat Bondi 20" BMX Front Wheel and the Bondi Freecoaster 20" BMX Rear Wheel with the Helium 20" BMX Tubes. Add the Eclat Venom BMX Pegs and you got a killer combo for grinding.

To make it all move, Devon is using the strong and durable Eclat Stroke Half Link BMX Chain, and for those sweet bar spins, the Eclat Wave Integrated Headset.


Be sure to check the rest of our huge selection of Éclat BMX parts right here.

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