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Next level fitness skates from Roces

The Roces Gymnasium 2.0 TIF skates are made for long-distance skating. They are light, durable, with a maximum power transfer and excellent stability - and they fit perfectly thanks to the ATOP System.

Packed with the best technology that Roces has developed over the years, the Roces Gymnasium 2.0 TIF inline skates will make you perform your best no matter if you are riding a few kilometers or taking on the Berlin Marathon.

Ride for hours without feeling sore

Comfort and fit are key when you are taking on long distances on your inline skates. With the Roces Gymnasium 2.0 TIF you get a snug fit thanks to the ATOP System - Just twist the button and you have the perfect fit.

The shell and liner are made with optimized breathability, which will keep your feet dry and minimize the risk of getting sore feet.

Furthermore, the anatomically padded liner is designed to protect your feet at “the stress points” where you often get blisters.

Get the most out of every stride

The ultralight magnesium frames on the Roces Gymnasium 2.0 TIF skates are a pure energy saver and will make a huge difference when you are out there on the road.

The frames are designed to give you maximum power transfer and good stability, so you get the most out of every stride.

You can be sure to draw the attention to you, with “The Invisible Frame look "that plays a trick” on anybody who looks at it.


Click here to get your very own pair of Roces Gymnasium 2.0 TIF inline skates to take your riding to the next level.

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