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Rejoice, it’s Pickle Rick! - New collab between Primitive and Rick and Morty

One of the most iconic series “Rick and Morty” and the guys from Primitive have made an awesome collaboration to create some sick decks which you should definitely have, even if only as wall-hangers.

It’s happened! There is a Rick and Morty skateboard deck, actually a few of them, thanks to Primitive who seized the idea of putting the legends from the series on their boards.

Not just cool looks

And we are not just talking cool graphics including Pickle Rick, Mr. Meeseeks, Gwendolin, and of course Rick and Morty. Primitive has made the series' deck super light which means easier pop than ever.

Every board is single pressed and cold glued, which ensures that quality is consistent in every single deck and also, that it will last longer.

It’s also about the shape

Also cool about the decks is their shape. Weather you are a keen street skater or like to hit the park, the mellow concave of the decks will help you kick it higher and be stable on your landings.

Psst, they got some matching wheels too!

And, of course, the graphics

There is not much to be said about the graphics of these Primitive decks - they are just as awesome as the legendary series itself.

Some of the decks also come with foil detail looks, just to make them even cooler as they already are.

So no matter if you want to skate them or hang them on your wall, the Primitive Rick and Morty decks are here and waiting for you to grab!

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