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New Madrid Fiberglass longboard - The one you will love

The new Madrid Fiberglass longboard arrived in our store and we couldn’t resist to try it out. The result - it is one of the lightest and easy to pop freestyle and dancing boards we have tested.

Light and sturdy construction

Firstly, the deck feels, and indeed is, very light under your feet thanks to the combo of fiberglass, bamboo and maple.

This means it is easier to flip around and pop up. Even though the board is quite long, it is still light which makes the tricks easier to pull out and still gives you space to move on the board itself.

Add to this the sturdiness and durability that fiberglass adds and you got yourself kicktails that will not wear as quickly as others and you won’t have to worry about razor tail in quite some time!

Flex like no other

The unique fiberglass construction of the Madrid deck also affects a lot the flex. As our longboard expert, Ebbe puts it, “You have to try it! It is the perfect snowboard-like flex feeling - stiff but yet bendy.”

Kicktail, concave and fiberglass

Another good combination on this Madrid board is the shape of the kicktails and the concave together with the fiberglass.

The big, round kicktails offer loads of space which makes learning pop-tricks easier.

Also, the kicks aren’t that steep so you actually pop sooner than on traditional freetyle/dancer boards and tricks like pivots, spins, big spins, shuvits, and even pop-shuvits, are easy to nail too.

The set-up

Of course, the set-up means a lot as well. For this particular Madrid board we chose the Caliber 50 trucks and the Blood Orange Pro Morgan wheels (65mm).

The Caliber trucks and known for their stability and this particular set focuses also on the maneuverability.

So you can pull sharper turns and yet get the stability you want when you land tricks. Psst, and you got tons of colors to choose from!

The Pro Morgan wheels are a perfect choice if you are not sure what wheels you like. They got this hybrid character which makes them good for either freestyle, dancing, or freeride.


To make it easier for you, we have made a ready, custom set-up with those parts in our shop, so you don’t need to think of any assembling. Check it out!

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