Blade days 2019: Fuel your passion for blading

This weekend, bladers from all over the world will be heading to the Blade Days in Copenhagen to compete and share their passion for inline skating.

Photo by: David Grant

It's all about love for inline skating when Copenhagen Blade Days 2019 takes place from the 21st to 23rd of June with the main event taking place on the 22nd of June.

"It's all about inspiring people to get into the sport and show them our unique community that stretches across countries. We are one big family, everybody talks with each other and gives each other credit - no matter which level we are on", says Anders Hauerholt, who is one of the aggressive bladers behind the event.

Rediscover your passion for skating

Do you have a pair of old skates at home, and do you dream of starting to skate again or maybe learn to skate from scratch, then bring them to the main event of Copenhagen Blade Days 2019 in Fælledparken.

"Pop by for a skate lesson. We are ready to teach you some new techniques, regardless of age and skill level. If you don't have any skates, you can borrow a pair. We will also make mini-competitions for the whole family", says Anders and adds.

Photo by: David Grant

"You are also welcome to come and just watch the pro blading competition, hang around to catch some of the good vibes or get a cold soda and something to eat."

Get inspired by the pros

One of the things you can't miss at Blade Days is the Pro competition that takes place Saturday in the Fælledeparken skate park.

Photo by: David Grant

"To name just a few, we have the big Danish bladers such as Felix Fälling, Jacob Juul, Daniel Nielsen, but we also have international bladers such as Dominic Bruce, Scott Quinn, and David Sizemore who's coming to compete", says Anders.

Photo by: David Grant

He points out that the speakers at the competition are going to make sure to explain to the newcomers what the sport is all about and how the tricks are being rated, what is hard, and so on, so you get the perfect introduction to the sport.

Photo by: David Grant


Be sure to check out Copenhagen Blade Days 2019’s Facebook page for the full program + more details. Want a pair of skates? Find everything you need right here.

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