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Go dancing in the streets - How to start with longboard dancing

Longboard dancing is growing, plus it looks absolutely beautiful. If you are tempted to start but have no clue from where and how, read further - we got some tips and tricks from a pro.

First steps - first tricks

We asked out pro team rider, Cassandre Lemoine, to give you a quick tutorial on some of the basic and most common tricks in longboard dancing. Check out the video and see that it is not all that hard after all, at least not in the beginning.

First board - custom or complete?

Before you get onto the actual tricks, you need the ride. You got two choices - a complete dancer or building a custom set-up.

Building a custom board might be tricky for a beginner so we have some good options for you.

Getting a complete as a first board

There are many good options for complete boards that will help you and push you to the next level, and the good thing - you get it all wrapped up together.

Take this Madrid Paddle Freestyle complete - it has a solid maple deck, medium concave to be comfortable to ride and pop up, and good soft wheels so you can keep balance without feeling every pebble on the street.

You can also go for the Landyachtz Stratus board where you get extra light deck due to the combo of maple and bamboo.

The Stratus also comes with the famous Bear trucks, Hawgs wheels, and Bear Spaceball bearings, which gives the board some extra quality push.

Madrid Freestyle Dancer custom set-up

The Madrid Freestyle Dancer set-up won’t hit your pocket too hard and you will still get a custom built board. We are talking parts from Caliber Trucks, Cinetic, Blood Orange, Venom, and, of course, a Madrid deck.

Go a step further with a custom Loaded board

The Loaded Bhangra custom set-up comes with added cork layers for the extra lightness that will allow you to also start popping up your board. Add to that some Loaded hardware, Paris trucks, and Orangatang fat wheels and you are ready to go!


Got curious? Check out all of our longboards and if you need any help, always contact us, we are ready to help!

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