A simple and easy way to customize your skates

It’s never been easier to put your own personal touch on your roller skates or inline skates. These 3 products will make sure that you'll seal the attention every time you are out skating.

Whether it’s about stealing the attention at a Friday night skating session or it’s just about customizing your skates to show a little of yourself in your skates.

Here are a few of the products we have in stock, which allow you to get a pair of custom skates, without blowing the bank.

Some serious crazy wheels

Get seen, as you are cruising through the city on the colorful Luminous LED Inline Wheels from Seba.

The Luminous wheels light up when you are skating and come in a bouquet of different colors, so you can mix and match them just as you like it.

The inline skate version of the wheels come in sizes from 72mm to 125mm and if you are into roller skates, you can find a roller skate version of the Seba Luminous right here.

Buckle your laces

Agreed, they are tiny! But the Tempish Laces really add some serious attitude to your skates.

These durable laces come in a crazy amount of colors and are a good way to customize your skates for very little money.

The Tempish Laces 230cm can be used with roller skates and inline skates.

This choice is a no brainer

It's comfortable to wear, protects your head, and comes in all the colors of the rainbow, the Triple Eight Brainsaver helmet is a must for any skater.

This helmet comes with extra padding, that allows you to make your own perfect custom fit. It is well ventilated and ultra-light, so you can wear it for hours without problems.

The Triple Eight Brainsaver helmet is dual certified, so you can use it for riding bikes and roller sports as well.


Check out the rest of our wheels, laces, helmets and much more right here.

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