Big news! Adrien Raza joins the SkatePro team!

We can’t hide the excitement of getting one of the world’s best skim boarders on board. Ladies and gents, we are stoked to introduce Adrien Raza as part of the SkatePro team riders.

Adrien started skimboarding at the age of 13 and already at 19 had his signature board from DB skimboards, where he is also a pro rider. Adrien is currently skimming round to globe to chase the best spots and to compete all year long.

You can meet him in the US, Taiwan or the Netherlands, and always on the winners’ podium (most likely on the top stair).

So this is it, we got a true skim celebrity in the house, welcome Adrien!

“Thanks, guys! I couldn’t be more excited to be part of the Skatepro team. It’s really refreshing to see a reputable company supporting more than just the mainstream extreme sports!”

How do you get having your own signature board with DB, one of the biggest names in the skimboarding industry?

“I guess the signature board comes with lots of hard (or fun) work and commitment. I was riding for DB a solid 5 to 6 years before I had the opportunity to get a pro board.

The most important points are to place well in competitions, be a positive and influential figure in the scene, create amazing content, social media presence, and ride to the best of your ability!”

Give us a few more insights into the skimboarding community and scene.

“While the whole infrastructure behind the scene is less than in the past, the level of riding is as high as ever! There’s a European league ‘European Skimboarding Cup’ that hosts 5 contests all over Europe, which is definitely keeping us together.”

And he continues: “There’s a handful of passionate guys that are working hard to push to sport further. I’m confident the sport will grow heaps in the near future. We might not end up in the Olympics… but maybe that’s a good thing, for now, ha-ha-ha”.

Why should people start skimboarding? Give us some words of wisdom.

“Lot’s of people don’t know how technical skimboarding is. Most people know skimboarding as ‘the little wooden boards kids use to slide across the beach’. It’s so much more than that!

For board sport enthusiasts, you can pick up a skimboard and ride it just like a skateboard. You can throw down shuvits, spins, flips and ride all sorts of ramps. Plus you're doing this at the beach/river/lake, so it’s definitely not a bad summer activity.” (surely not bad at all)

What is Adrien Raza doing when not on the water?

“I’ve been traveling a lot the past year. I’m currently living in Taiwan and having a great time traveling around Asia. Otherwise, I love skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, free diving, and kickboxing.”

And on that bombshell, we will leave you and say once again welcome to Adrien. Keep an eye on our blog to find out more from Adrien on mixing up skateboarding, skimboarding, and snowboarding.

If you are already inspired, check our stock of DB skimboards!

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