It's time for Barcelona Street Jam!

Riders from all over the world are going to Barcelona Street Jam, the first big street jam of 2019. We talked with Pol Roman, who's the man behind this year's competition.

Since 2011, Barcelona is known all over the world for its many sick street spots and for its legendary street spots.

This year, you can ride with the guys from Native Scooters, but also with Aguste Pellaud, Maxime Bouzid and Proto team rider Chema Cardenas. And these are only some of the few pro riders going to this year's jam.

Back to the streets

From 2011 to 2017, it was held in the streets, but in 2018, it became „The battle at the plaza“ because of pressure from the local authorities.

This year, our team rider Pol Roman is taking the jam back to the streets, something that both excites him, but also makes him a bit nervous.

"To be honest, I’m kinda scared for all the responsibility. It really depends on people's behavior too, and the chosen spots for the jam (neighborhood complaints). If the police decide to stop the jam, that's it" he says.

Spots for everyone

When we asked Pol if he could reveal which spots he has chosen for the jam, his answer was very clear.

"I will tell you this much, there are 4 spots and Paralel is the first one. It's really simple - 4 spots and 4 best tricks. The first spot is a flat ledge, and the last one a huge rail, the rest is a secret." he says.

Pol points out that he has chosen the spots in a way that everyone can win something because they fit all riders, no matter the skill level or style.


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