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Peg vs no pegs what to choose?

Legendary rider, JD Rand uses pegs, our team rider and box-cut lover Felix Fiilin don't. What will happen if they switch scooters, and we ask them to grind?

Is it better to ride with pegs or a wide box-cut deck? You might have asked yourself the same question. The answer is: whatever suits you.

In this versus video, legendary scooter rider JD Randriambelson aka JD Rand and our team rider Felix Fiilin try to find out what is best, to ride with scooter pegs or ride peg-less.

Grind away with pegs

Pegs revolutionized scootering. They give you stability and endless grind variations. They make a lot of tricks easier and some tricks can simply not be done without them.

They come in many different designs and can be made from different materials such as steel, aluminum or even nylon peg sleeves with a metal core.

Pegs can be used both for street riding and park riding, and trust us, you will feel that grinds become way easier. You can find our huge assortment of scooter pegs right here.

Perfect for the street and the park

So why shouldn't you ride peg-less? Enter the box-cut deck. Decks such as the Tilt Theory Deck are super wide which gives you great stability and plenty of grind surface and even grind on the boxed ends.

If you are into doing Ice Picks and 5.0 grinds, the box-cut decks are a perfect choice. It goes without a saying that the deck weighs more, but this also means that it’s more durable than a “classic” narrow park deck.

The boxed decks are being used by both park and street riders but are especially popular among street riders. You can find all our boxed decks right here.


See the whole selection of box-cut decks right here and our huge selection of pegs right here

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