NEWS: The Barbie Patin signature roller skate is finally here!

Skate like a pro with Barbie Patin's new signature model the Kismet Barbie Roller Skates from Chaya. We did an exclusive interview with her about her brand new skate.

Our team rider Barbie Patin is the queen of the skate park, the street, and the roller disco dance floor. No matter if you are a beginner or a pro, this roller skate will take you to a whole new level.

"I am really proud about my new signature model. They are the best quads ever! Through years, I’ve been trying out a lot of different skates, so I know what works, and what doesn't. I took all that experience and put it into the Kismet Barbie Lu skates”, Barbie says.

Shred as you have never done before

If you are into aggressive quad skating, this model will meet all your demands. It’s highly maneuverable thanks to the Shari plate.

If you are into grinding rails and ledges, mount the included grind blocks, and you are ready to roll.

"They are perfect for doing aerial tricks, different types of grinds, slides and jumps in the park or street. I love to dance, so of course, you can also pull some nice dance moves off with my new skates" says Barbie.

A skate that allows you to keep going for hours

The KISMET BARBIE LU skates are designed to not only keep your feet safe but also comfortable, something that Barbie looks for in a pair of skates herself.

"It needs to protect my ankles and toes, give me support, keep my feet comfortable, and absorb the impacts when I do jumps. This lets me go on for hours without getting sore feet", she says

To make sure that your feet are always comfortable, Barbie and Chaya have added extra padding inside the boot and an EVA innersole, which absorbs shocks.


Tempted to ride the new Chaya Kismet Barbie Lu Roller Skates? Then you can find them right here.

Make sure to follow Barbie Patin on Instagram for more awesome quad skating.

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