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Review: Trying out the parts from North Scooters

Our team rider Henkjan Schollaart has been testing the parts from North Scooters. Find out if they hold up, and how they are to ride in the park and in the streets right here.

As one of the few North Scooters team riders in Europe Henkjan has been testing the North Atlas Theatrum Deck, the North Akimbo Fork, the North Hammer SCS Clamp, and the North Contact Wheels for some time now.

So, does North Scooters live up to the hype? If you ask him, the answer is definitely “yes”. Be sure to check out his review in the video above.

Made for grinding and 50's

The North Atlas 5.75" Theatrum Scooter Deck is the centerpiece of Henkjans setup, but what does he think about it?

"It has nice squared deck ends and a fully flat bottom, which makes it perfect for grinds on every kind of ledge. The width makes it perfect for doing 50's, and I learned a lot of new 50-combos, thanks to this deck”, he says and adds.

The deck ends are so good, and they have a bit of an angle, this helps me to lock in every time. You can change them up. So, if they are worn down, switch them around, and you got a fresh pair of deck ends."

A solid and smart clamp

His setup also features the North Hammer SCS Clamp, which is not only strong but also made for Standard bars as well as for Oversized bars like the Henjkan is riding.

I like the clamp, it works fine and keeps my bar steady. Something that I like is that North has designed it with an extra bolt which lets you open the clamp and take your bar out if it stucks in the clamp."

A sturdy and good-looking fork

A strong fork is vital in any scooter rider’s setup, and Henjkan is using the North Akimbo Scooter Fork.

"It looks good and comes with some sturdy bolts that hold the wheels well. The design gives you the ability to ride different wheel sizes. So, it doesn't matter if you ride 30mm or 24mm wheels”, he says.

Some grippy wheels

The last North Scooter parts on his setup are the durable and fast North Contact 115mm Stunt Scooter Wheels.

They are very grippy, and they are wide, which I like. To me, it's one of the best inventions within the world of scooter wheels”, Henkjan says.


Be sure to check out the rest of the parts from the guys from North Scooters right here.

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