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Get your powder machines from DPS ski

Drake Powerworks, aka DPS ski is THE gear you need if you live and breathe skiing. Forget about the fancy graphics or finding them in any store around - those are for the core skier who wants the perfect run.

When skiing is a religion

You won’t see them in your regular ski shop or randomly laying in front of an Après ski bar. No, no, no, we are talking skis which are so special that they come close to the Holy Grail. Why?

Because every single fiber in a DPS ski is developed and constructed to provide that perfect run down the powder. And this is why Stephen Drake, together with leading ski engineer Peter Turner, started DPS in 2005.

Skis tailored to very last detail

He simply wanted skis that can satisfy his craving for that flawless line and came to the conclusion that he needs to design them himself.

From that point on, DPS turned into the synonym for innovation in powder skiing. They were the first and only to introduce pure prepreg carbon fiber into the sandwich construction.

A constant search for improvement and excellence

So we are talking a combo of space carbon and ski!

Then came the first 120 mm pintail ski, and the first rocker ski with sidecut, and the introduction of the spoon technology.

And all this comes straight from the DPS ‘space station’ factory in Salt Lake City, in the Wasatch Mountains.

That means you are getting a purebred mountain monsters fir for worshiping the snow in any technological aspect.

If you are a passionate and devoted skier who is looking for the fit tool to draw that flawless line in the deep snow, get your DPS skis now!

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