Wow, check out the new TILT X Undailed Collab

Collin Snoek and co. hooked up with White Trash Willy and Clayton Lindley from Undaileded on the new TILT X Undialed collab. The result is some of the sickest parts we have seen in a long time.

Now you can get your hands on the new TILT X Undialed collab which consists of a steezy headset, a set of fresh wheel and a long sleeve shirt with some killer graphics.

Looks smashing and performs perfectly

The Tilt x Undialed Integrated Headset is lightweight thanks to it being made out of aluminum.

This headset also has sealed bearings, which will keep it spinning effortless session after session.

The graphics look crazy good, thanks to a new technique that allowed the guys at Tilt Scooters to make the logo and writing very detailed.

A wheel like no other

Get a smooth roll in the skate park on in the streets with the Tilt x Undialed Stage II Stunt Scooter Wheels.

You get good rebound, high durability, and a lot of grip thanks to the well-known urethane formula developed by Tilt Scooters and tested and approved by their team riders.

Stay classy and cozy

Stand out from the rest of our crew with the Tilt x Undialed Long Sleeve Shirt.

This long sleeve shirt is the result of the close collaboration that has taken place doing the TILT X Undialed collab.

The result speaks for itself and can be found on both the back side and front of this epic piece of apparel


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