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Good news for all you skateboarders: Krux and OJ’s are here

It’s been some time waiting for everybody to welcome OJ’s wheels and Krux trucks in the house. If you need to boost up your set-up or just want something fresh on, have a look in here.

Wheels that will never ‘wear out’ of the rad factor

OJ’s wheels are some of the OG when it comes to skateboarding companies. They have been around for ages, or 1974 to be precise. Yes, we are talking true veterans of skateboarding and only the best urethane formula for them wheels.

One of the highlights is the OJ’s Elite which will shoot you to the mood with the “Way-Too-Fast” formula. Those hard skate wheels will roll at the speed of light and give you perfect control over your tricks.

Recently, one of the legends of skateboarding aka Pat Duffy put out a video of him doing 45 tricks for his 45th birthday, riding on Oj's. So if Mr. Duffy "prescribes" OJ’s wheels then you'd better follow the recipe.

Krux trucks - yes, please!

With Krux trucks it is all about having fun and just skateboarding with joy. That sounded very hippie but come on, the guys have kittens on the trucks! Can’t get any more rad than that!

A few things are very distinctive about Krux. First, the hole in the hanger; it’s hard not to remember that one. This hole makes Krux quite light and perfect for popping a bottle open.

Second, Krux are famous for their pre-broken in bushings which means that you don’t need to ride for 2 straight weeks to get used to your new trucks. 2 days and you are already settled and in love with them.

Third, they are just always funky colored, often with some random print or badass chrome finish. Basically, it’s all about having fun...we told you so!

If you are still in doubt, go check our full stock of skateboard goodies.

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