Exclusive interview with Luis Oppel about his new signature deck

Wouldn't you like to get your very own signature deck from TSI? Our team rider Luis Oppel just got one! We asked him to tell us more about it.

There's no denying it, the TSI Luis Oppel Signature Box Cutter looks and feels sick. Getting your very own deck from a brand like TSI is probably every rider’s dream. So, how is it when it finally happens?

"I feel very privileged to get such a thing. For me, it means that I can leave my mark on the sport - both when it comes to the way I ride and my way of life. That I have the position to be able to do that is amazing", says Luis.

Based on the Box Cutter

The signature model is based on the TSI Box Cutter, which has been a sturdy part of Luis' setup for years. But what is it that makes this his favorite?

"It’s durable, I have been riding my signature for months, without breaking it. It feels nice and the width is perfect - I ride without pegs and the big “grind area” makes it easier to do tricks and combos." he says and adds.

"Then there's the length, which is also crucial. I’m almost two meters, so my deck is 22,5” which is a little longer than the normal Box Cutter, but it fits my size and also the proportions of my bar."

Art by Matt McKeen

The deck looks amazing, it has a midnight blue gloss powder coat that sparkles in the light.

The art on the deck is designed and drawn by pro scooter rider Matt McKeen based on ideas from Luis himself.

"I know him from River, where he's my team manager. He’s also a talented artist, so I asked if he could do the graphics. I feel very honored that he said yes. The result speaks for itself, and to get a legend like Matt to draw the design for your deck, wow it couldn’t be better"

A beginner's mind

The art is not only beautifully done, but there is also a deeper meaning behind the graphics.

"Well, I will leave the interpretation to the individual rider. For me, it reflects my fascination with the Buddhist scriptures and philosophy”, says Luis and continues.

I’ve added the kanji “Shoshin” on the front of the headtube. This translates into "beginner's mind". It means to have an attitude of openness, eagerness, and no preconceptions when studying something - even when you are at an advanced level. I like this way of seeing things, both as a rider and as a person", he says.


Be sure to follow Luis Oppel on his Instagram for more groundbreaking riding. Click here to get the new TSI Luis Oppel Signature Box Cutter deck.

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