How to find the perfect ice skates for you

It's time to hit the local ice rink or the frozen lake. But what kind of ice skates should you choose? Here's the answer.

It's winter, and this means that it's time to go ice skating with your friends and family.

We have made a guide that makes it easy to find out whether it's Ice Hockey Skates, Figure Skates or Hybrid Skates that's the right choice for you.

Hybrid skates: The perfect choice for recreational ice skating

Are you looking for a comfortable ice skate with excellent stability and control? Then Hybrid skates are the answer, and they’re perfect for kids, beginners, and intermediate skaters.

The soft and padded inner boot makes sure that your feet are warm and happy, so you avoid sore feet. The hard outer shell helps you to get the right stance and gives you the best possible power transfer.

Equipped with a hockey blade, this type of skates provides you with speed, maneuverability, and at the same time keeps you stable. Find your new hybrid skates right here.

Figure Skates: Jumping and dancing on ice

Are you dreaming of dancing on the ice or are you just looking for an old school pair of ice skates? Then these skates are the right choice.

The boot is flexible and maneuverable so that you can do tricks on the ice. The long blade adds stability when you ride in forwards/backward directions, and it also makes it easier to keep your balance.

Doing pirouettes, jumps, and push-offs are easy thanks to the toe picks in the front of the blade. This also helps you to control the skates.

You get a perfect balance point thanks to the high heel, that also makes it's easier to get into the right positions when you are ice dancing. Check out our huge selection figure skates here.

Ice Hockey Skates: Fast and agile

These are a must-have for ice hockey players, but they are also great for recreational use and great for both beginners and pros.

Ice hockey skates are fast and highly maneuverable, due to the stiff boot which locks your heel in place giving you the right stance and a maximal power transfer.

The cuff gives you high stability around the ankle, but there's room around the shin too, so you can make these fast-paced maneuvers. Furthermore, the hard boot protects against shots and slaps.

Ice hockey skates almost feel like inline freestyle skates due to the similar construction of the heel area, so they are perfect for the inline skater who wants to stay in shape during winter. See all our Ice Hockey skates right here.

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