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Henkjan Schollaart: Shredding Europe

Our team rider Henkjan Schollaart is out with a new edit. We talked with him about the edit, about traveling around Europe, and what it is with him and rails.

The new 2018 edit is 5:28 seconds of sweet street scootering. The thing you might not know is that it consisted of clips from all over Europe and was filmed during a course of 1,5-2 years.

For Henkjan that meant that he ended up with a massive pile of clips, that he had to choose from.

Photo by: mickey_oosterling

“I had 10 times the clips you see in this edit, so the hardest part was to find out which ones to use. I took every clip that would fit in the video and showed it to my friends to find out which they liked the most, in that way, I narrowed it down to a point where I could give it to the editor”, he says.

Shredding all over Europe

Photo by: Mickey_Oosterling

The spots that you see in the edit are located in many different European countries such as Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, and France. And for Henkjan the hunt for the right spot was an essential part of making this edit.

I’m what they call a spot hunter, always on the hunt for new spots. If I’m not out riding with my friends, I’m solo in my car driving around, or I’m home at Google maps to check out spots”, he says and adds.

Photo by: Max Snijders

I have friends all over Europe, so when I go abroad, we always hook up, and often they take me to some crazy local spots. I’m really grateful for that because I would never have been able to find many of the places on my own

There’s something about rails

If you have seen the edit, you’ll quickly see a recurring obstacle - Rails. So what is the deal with Henkjan and all those rails?

Photo by: Rik Stam

I love finding myself a good rail because here in Rotterdam, where I live, aren’t many of them. So when I go traveling, I always look for rails, and when I spot one I just have to go ride it, so, of course, I had to have some of them in the edit”, he says.

There are many sweet clips in the edit, but Henkjan is quick to answer when I ask him about his favorite clip -, of course, it features his preferred obstacle.

Photo by: Merlijn Hart

There’s a rail that goes around a corner. I start off with an BS Feebzer and I end up in a hurricane 270 to fakie. I think it’s creative, looks good, and is filmed just right. It was not planned, we were just having a session on the rail, and then I just had to get it for the edit.


Be sure to check out more sick riding from Henkjan on his Instagram.

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