5 things that every BMX rider wants for Christmas 

From pedals to complete bikes: Become every BMX rider’s favorite this Christmas without blowing the bank.

Are you looking for a gift for someone you love or maybe something to put on your wishlist? Here are few of our most popular BMX parts and completes to get inspired by.

A complete wheel - The perfect gift

New wheels are always on the wishlist for any BMX rider out there. The Collective 20" BMX Front Wheel and the Collective 20" BMX Cassette Rear Wheel are not only a solid choice, but it’s also a great bargain.

Both of them come complete with rims, tires, and inner tubes. The rear wheel is compatible with 12mm and 14mm axles, and the front wheel is compatible with 10mm axles.

Make a difference with a Cult seat

The In Bloom BMX Pivotal Seat and The Cult Chain Logo seat from Cult will not only make any BMX bike look better they will also make barspins easier.

These saddles have a mid shape profile and just the right amount of padding, perfect for squeezing your thighs around it and making barspins a pure child's play.

A strong bar at a sweet price

BMX riders are always looking for parts to upgrade their setup, and the Rant Nsixty 4-Piece BMX Bar is the perfect way to make it happen without blowing the bank.

This bar is very durable thanks to its high-end Chromoly steel, and with its no-nonsense old school 4-piece design, it’s perfect for both park and street riders.

Fiction Mythos pedals: A colorway for every rider

A fresh pair of pedals is vital to be able to have the perfect grip, balance, and the best possible acceleration, which is key when you are riding BMX.

The Mythos Pedals 9/16" from Fiction will not only provide you with that thanks to it’s concave and molded in pins. These pedals are also a perfect way to add some personality to make your bike stand out from the crowd.

A beginners dream: The full package

Looking for a gift for an aspiring rider? Then the Kink Curb 20" 2019 BMX is the answer. This bike has a lot of the same features as the high-end bikes but comes in at a sweet price.

This bike is easy to handle for younger riders thanks to its 20” top tube. Then it comes to the frame the geometric makes it suitable for both the park and the street.


Didn't find what you are looking for? Find the rest of our huge selection of parts and completes right here.

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