Raw girl power: Shredding sunny Barcelona

We are hyped about this badass new edit from our aggressive quad team riders Bomba Hache and Barbie Patin.

The new DE SOL A SOL edit from Barbie Patin and Bomba Hache is 2 mins and 49 seconds of world-class aggressive quad skating. But it's also two friends sharing their passion with the rest of the world, and showing people that girls are bad-ass skaters.

We talked with the two SkatePro team riders about their new edit and what they hope to gain from it.

How to pick spots in the skate mecca of the world

The edit is recorded in Barcelona which is known for its many sweet skate spots, So, how did the girls choose between hundreds of spots the city has to offer?

“We planed a route with some of the spots we already had in mind, some of them we’ve skated before, others we had only seen on photos. A lot of them we just found while we were out shooting” Barbie says and continues.

“Next step is to find out what to do. Choosing a spot is very personal, you have a clear image in your head of what lines to do. You need to share it with your friend, but at the same time avoid to limit her imagination, it’s a fine balance, but is very exciting.”

180, pigeons and friendship

If you take a look at the new edit, you quickly realize that Bomba and Barbie succeeded in finding some first-class spots, but what is their favorite scene of the edit?

“The first spot with the pigeons! Right there you can see how much Barbie and I enjoy rollerskating together after a long time without seeing each other. We are very close friends and strongly connected trough rollerskating, we inspire and encourage each other”, says Bomba.

When I ask Barbie the same question, she’s not quite in synch with her friend and fellow quad skater about the pigeons.

“It was a challenging part for me to skate together between pigeons because I don’t like pigeons and to make things worse I collided with one, and it gave me some small allergic reaction. I will say that my favorite scene is where I make a grab jump 180 over the bank because it was a first for me”, she says.

To inspire and empower women

Barcelona is perhaps the most popular skate city in the world, and many of the city's inhabitants are not always so keen on people skating in their town, but the girls took the locals by surprise.

“They looked like they thought we were crazy, a lot of them had prejudices and didn’t expect us to be able to do all the tricks you see in the edit, but when folks saw us skate, they cheered for us,” says Bomba Hache.

And according to her, this video is also about much more than to show off their skills as aggressive quad skaters.

“This edit is also a way to show how badass us girls can be and to inspire. The most important thing for me is to transmit my passion to others and make them feel how I felt the first time I discovered the sport: motivated and empowered”, she says and adds.

“This sport is making women rollerskate in skateparks and getting them into the extreme sports world in which we are a minority! We want to show an alternative image of what girly is: tough, sportive woman, who love overcoming themselves”

Want more quad adventures? Then follow Bomba Hache and Barbie Patin on Instagram. Feel inspired to start roller skating yourself? Then you can find all you need right here.

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