Save money on your next pair of roller skates

Right now you’ll find a lot of great deals on some of our most popular quads for adults and kids.

There’s no need to wait for Black Friday to save big bucks. Here are two excellent performing roller skates - all at a good price.

It’s all about comfort, stability, and support with The Roces Movida Art Roller Skate. This skate is made to give you instant roller success.

The Roces Classic Roller Skates look great and are designed to give you the best balance possible thanks to its high heel. With these skates, you get a very stable roll, due to the hard bushings. In short: This is the perfect beginner skate.

High cut boot with balance and comfort

The Roces Movida Art Roller Skates is all about comfort. First of all, you get a great ankle support, which gives you stability and balance, when you’re all rolling, because of the high-cut boot.

To ensure you have a better skating position and the best possible stability, Roces added a power strap, which keeps your heel in place.

With a pair of Roces Movida Art Roller Skates, you get a well-padded boot, which will keep your foot comfortable and allows you to skate for hours without getting sore feet.

All a beginner needs

It’s our best selling quad skate! The Roces Classic Roller Skates are perfect for beginners both kids and adults, who want to have fun in the street or at the roller rink.

These skates have a clean retro look inspired by old-school figure skates. This design provides a perfect balance point - so you feel much safer, and the risk of you tipping over is reduced, all thanks to its high heel - a classic feature on figure skates.

To make the skate even more stable, when you’re out rolling, Roces has chosen to add a set of hard bushings.


Didn’t find what you were looking for, or are you looking for more quad inspiration? Then check out our huge selection of roller skates right here.

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