You'd better hook-up with them Douchebags!

The new, unique system by Douchebags allows you to hook together all your travel bags so travelling is way more comfortable. Whether it is your backpack, ski bag, or a smaller travelling bag, you can attach them easily to your main luggage.

Hook them all bags safe together!

We all know the feeling of getting to the airport with thousands of bags, backpacks, and what so not and eventually, of course, forgetting one in the toilet or the cafe.

The guys from Douchebags came up with a revolutionary and simple invention that automatically erases that option and turns airport hustle into pleasure.

Behold, the Hook-up system is here!

With the strong G-buckles, you can attach all your Douchebags together very quickly and safely.

One bag on wheels, like the Little bastard, carries them all - you need one Douchebags on wheels and you can get all of them off your back! Find them all on our shelves ;)

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