Tips and tricks for putting lines together at the skatepark

We took pro rider Richard Zelinka to the skatepark and asked him to tell us how he puts his lines together.

There’s no doubt about it, Richard Zelinka is unique, winning ISA 2017 best trick, being king of the bowl in 2016 and 2017, and finally being king of kings at Scoot Fest 2017.

Imagine if you could get inside his head and steal some of his secret tricks about riding! We sort of did, or we asked him to give us some Zelinka insider tips about which obstacles he likes, and what he thinks about when he puts a line together.

You need to be different to win

According to Richard himself, there are two main factors, when he has to put a winning line together.

“First off, I’ve been in the sport for some years now, so as soon as I get to a skatepark I can just feel the lines. But my best advice is to be different than everybody else, that’s the best way to win. You should be interesting to look at, so if everybody else is doing kickless, do something else. That’s also why I never sit at home and watch YouTube videos to find out what I want to do but instead go to the park” says Richard.


We can’t get enough of Richard Zelinka, what about you? Then check out his Instagram. If you want to feel a little how he rides, be sure to check out his District Signature Deck right here.

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