3 reasons why Rocker Mini BMX rules

Gimmick or genius? Here are the top reasons why Rocker mini BMX rules.

They are light, easy to handle, made to take some beatings, and good looking. In short a “real” BMX in mini size.

They’re perfect if you are a beginner and utter fun if you are a seasoned pro. We’re of course talking about the crazy popular Rocker mini BMX bikes.

With bikes like the Rocker Irok+ Metal, this company is leading a worldwide mini BMX revolution. Here are our three reasons why you should pay some attention to these small beats.

For BMX riders in all sizes

They are small in size, but Rocker BMX bikes are designed to function like a “normal” BMX, and they’re not only for kids. A lot of adults go all in on these bikes doing street tricks, dropping into ramps and riding dirt tracks, due to their light weight and high maneuverability.

Born with fat 10” tires, a normal sized bar, a top load stem, and high-ten frame and crank, the bikes from Rocker BMX are designed to take some serious abuse.

The leading brand in the business

Rocker BMX is in front when it comes to developing mini BMX. Just take a bike like the Rocker Irok+ Funk and its reduced fork clearance for easier foot jams, tapered stays, angled seat clamp and micro dropouts for a sweet clean looking rear end.

This is also why the brand is favored by pro riders like Harry Main and Ola Selsjord aka OlaBMX. Just search for their names and rocker mini BMX on YouTube and you’ll find endless hours of videos.

Crazy looking collectibles

It’s not only in the tech area that the company goes all in. Rocker takes pride in making their models worth looking at. Just take this crazy new Unicorn Barf mini BMX. This bike will give you a serious amount of attention in the streets or the skatepark.

The coolest thing is that this bike has the same specs as The Rocker Irok+ Metal, so with this one you look as good as you ride.

If you think that this model is a little too flashy for you, you might want to check the rest of our selection of Rocker mini BMX bikes to find one that fits you a 100%.

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