Bike Check: Marcus Diemar

Do you love gear and want to know how to put one beast of a bike together? Then you don’t want to miss out on this weeks bike check.

It goes without saying that our team rider Marcus Diemar loves new gear and knows a lot about BMX parts and how to combine them into a crazy ride. So, of course, we had to check his setup.


Front: Eclat Trippin XL complete front wheel.

What did you consider when you were putting your bike together?

Well, first off, I always aim to make a setup that’s compact - I like it high, but short. But not too small!! This setup is put together, so it’s perfect for both riding the street, but also shredding a ramp if I want to.

Which parts on your setup would you like to highlight?

There's my fork, which has a 15mm offset. I know it’s really steep, but it makes it much easier to make Nose Manuals. Furthermore, I always have my seat high. Another little special thing about my setup are the 165mm crank arms.

This might seem short to some riders, but because the chainstay on modern frames is short as well, I like to use the 165mm crank arms, so my feet don’t get caught in the back pegs. Talking about cranks, I like to have a loose chain, because it makes it easier to do Crank Flips.

Finally, there’s, of course, my bar, which I like to keep compact. This makes Barspins way easier - Oh yeah, I also like to use thicker grips than most riders because they make the trick more comfortable to do.

What's the most important part to focus on according to you?

Definitely, the frame and the Fiend Reynolds 2,75” Trans Black is a sweet looking thing. I like the brand and their riders. The frame has a short Chainstay, which is 13.75”. A few years back, this was really short, but in 2018 that’s pretty basic, and many of the frames you see today have a chainstay around 13”.

I remember the first time I changed the frame on my complete bike to a high-end frame, that was designed for the style of riding that I wanted - It was amazing. You could just feel a huge difference from the second you got on the bike. But I really think that the manufacturers have become a lot better to think about how they put their completes together, and nowadays you can get completes with frames you had to buy separately back then.

Any bits of advice for new bike builders out there?

Take your time, and make sure that everything is tightened properly. I usually take the bike for a small test ride, while I still have the tools out, making it easy to quickly adjust the setup if necessary.

We know that you like gear. So, do you already have planned what you’re going to get next?

I really love my bike as it is now! But the other day, I borrowed a freecoaster wheel of one of my buddies - So, the next thing I need to get is a Merritt Final drive freecoaster LHD back wheel.


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