Awesome news! The custom skateboard builder is now online!

Forget about the hustle of trying to match the various parts you want on your new custom skateboard. The skateboard builder is finally here to help you with that and much, much more.

Some of the coolest features of the builder are that you can play with it all day if you like, and preview your creation. You can also mix and match all the parts you want without any worry if they will fit together because the builder automatically suggests parts that do fit.

As you change the parts, apart from the live preview of your masterpiece, you can also track how much it will cost if you want to buy it afterwards.

Normally, it will take you quite some time and opening dozens of pages to look for the different parts. But with the custom skateboard builder, you have everything literally at your fingertips.

When you are done you can show to the world your own creation on the social media or, even better, buy it and actually ride it with head up high!

And it doesn’t matter if you have created your Frankenstein or David; the most important part is to have fun, express yourself and give way to your imagination! All the rest, leave to the skateboard builder. Now get started!

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